Kan we ban month-end?

On the 29th June, at 4:30pm, just before the books close for the financial year, I found myself waiting. Then, at nearly 5pm, I receive a flood of information from various stakeholders that affect year end and which was requested earlier in the month. Here is when my stress levels hit the roof and anger[…]

Managing COVID-19 impact on your projects

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving questions around the impact of COVID-19 on projects. As our community grapples with surges in uncertainty and debate, as well as the virus’s flow-on effects – we wanted to share the top 3 topics we’re discussing and how to approach them.  (Please note – that just as[…]

Agile ways of working in Finance Business Partnering

Coming up on the 4th May 2020, CA ANZ will be hosting a very different Accounting Conference for the first time – it will be pre-recorded with Live Q&A to follow each talk with any speaker you choose. This kind of intimate approach is exactly what I’d call an agile way to working through our current challenges[…]


Forgetting the Money: 10 step framework to harness true project value

The way we approach financial project value is broken. It’s largely a collection of guesswork, inaccurate numbers and top-down maintenance. As a result, too many projects have failed, are struggling, and nearly all could be improved to find true value. For the past year, we’ve been working on a Project Accounting Framework to change this.[…]