August 3, 2020

Training Courses

Join hundreds of project and accounting professionals in PAA’s training courses

We provide education and custom advisory services to companies and professionals in order to maximise the business value benefit of working together as a cross-functional team. To do so we’ve partnered with an industry body leader in the Agile space to support agile professionals with financial techniques; as well as with an industry body leader in the Accounting space to support accounting professionals with translating agile techniques into their ways of working. We see both roles as needing to report and deliver accurate project value together.

Attend a training session in person for Agile professionals or Accounting professionals. If you are unable to attend during the dates available, register your interest to stay informed of upcoming courses. Alternatively contact us for online training resources, or a custom training course for your team.

Project budgeting for Agile professionals

We’ve partnered with AxisAgile to bring to you agile project budgeting and financial techniques to maximise your project’s value.

“I loved the information in the course. Project Accounting isn’t something I’ve given massive amounts of thought to, but I am going to find it really useful in the future. I have been guilty of seeing 2 parts of the Venn diagram and neglecting the accounting side of things. Even if I got none of the other tools from the day, that would have been useful.”

Brad Stokes, Agile Coach, Agile Uprising

Agile for accounting professionals

We’ve partnered with Chartered Accountants ANZ (CA ANZ) and AxisAgile to deliver training that helps accounting professionals understand how to translate business needs that have switched to Agile ways of working.

In-house training

Unable to attend any of the events or looking for something more tailored to your needs? Our courses are flexible and can be customised to suit the needs for you and your team. Our consultants will work closely with you to understand your needs and build the development training you need.

Online resources

Get in touch if you’d prefer to get a series of online courses. Below is an example of our online introductory resource.