Kan we ban month-end?

On the 29th June, at 4:30pm, just before the books close for the financial year, I found myself waiting. Then, at nearly 5pm, I receive a flood of information from various stakeholders that affect year end and which was requested earlier in the month. Here is when my stress levels hit the roof and anger[…]

Managing COVID-19 impact on your projects

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving questions around the impact of COVID-19 on projects. As our community grapples with surges in uncertainty and debate, as well as the virus’s flow-on effects – we wanted to share the top 3 topics we’re discussing and how to approach them.  (Please note – that just as[…]

Agile ways of working in Finance Business Partnering

Coming up on the 4th May 2020, CA ANZ will be hosting a very different Accounting Conference for the first time – it will be pre-recorded with Live Q&A to follow each talk with any speaker you choose. This kind of intimate approach is exactly what I’d call an agile way to working through our current challenges[…]

Staff reduction

A Project’s Promise: the “Benefits” of Staff Reduction

When companies invest in projects that are supposed to reduce the size of their workforce either due to automation or offshoring, the language used often seems somewhat devoid of empathy. Job loss impacts people on a very raw and direct way, and deserves the gravity of being thoroughly considered with the right criteria rather than[…]