September 21, 2017

Project Accounting Framework – “Forgetting the Money”

The way we approach financial project value needs a new approach. Too many projects have failed largely due to a broken process and challenges with financial data. As a result, we saw the need for a Project Accounting Framework (PA Framework) to change this. Forgetting the Money: 10 step framework to harness true project value is now available in ebook format to help project professionals embrace their financial project value.

Forgetting the Money: 10 step framework to harness true project value is divided into 10 steps that offer guidance in standardising processes, structures and functions required in a business to improve project transparency, governance and decision making. Any organisation or team can implement all 10 steps, but even picking or choosing some of the steps will help achieve outcomes for your desired output:

  1. Governance
  2. Planning
  3. Impact: CAPEX and Value
  4. Workforce management
  5. Tracking
  6. Systems
  7. Benefits and OPEX
  8. Reporting
  9. Portfolio and prioritisation
  10. Review and improvement

The time has come for project professionals to embrace their financial project value and not merely maintain projects. Knowing your project’s true value is your best friend to know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done. Using this financial information you can improve your decision making and project impact and prove your projects’ true value.

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