September 10, 2016


  • Tue
    12:30 pmAcademy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

    Are you confident that your project or startup idea is financially viable? What does financially viable even mean?

    Don’t let your awesome idea get murdered by numbers with errors that cost you. Join our workshop to avoid the pitfalls and learn concepts specific for project financial delivery designed for intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

    At our lunchtime session, Project Accounting Australia will share some great stories to learn from and tips on costing your project accurately. You will walk away with a high-level understanding of:

    • Where others have failed in the past when it comes to their financials.
    • What does cost and revenue mean in the lean canvas, with practical application.
    • What can you do to change the conversation away from budgets and financials to have your investors care more about your ideas.

    This is a FREE event. Click here to RSVP for a spot.

  • Wed
    12:30 - 1:30 Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000


    This is a free lunchtime workshop. Click here to RSVP for a spot.

    Contract NegotiationHow comfortable are you with negotiating with your vendors? How do you know your idea is not going to be compromised?

    In our latest lunch and learn session,  understand the common pitfalls and basic ideas around what a contract with your vendor should include from a financial standpoint.

    Dina Gofman; Co-Founder of Project Accounting Australia will share the art of understanding your clauses so that you are not blind-sighted in your relationship.

    In this session you will learn:

    • Key considerations when negotiating contracts with vendors.
    • How to use Agency theory in practice.
    • Where others have failed in contract negotiation and how to avoid the same issues.



  • Tue
    15:00 - 16:00Webex (Private event)


    This is a private webinar. To book in similar events, please contact us by clicking here.

    Why track labour when you are going agile? Is that something you need to do at all now?

    This session explores the financial challenges and impacts of tracking agile projects.

    Dina Gofman; Co-Founder of Project Accounting Australia will share the considerations for labour and resource tracking when deciding to roll-out agile ways of working across your organisation.

    Session outcomes:

    • Understanding of why project tracking it important
    • Challenges of SAFe and Agile in the current environment
    • Techniques and practices available for implementation of agile project tracking



  • Mon
    12:00 - 13:00CA ANZ Online Portal


    This is a conference hosted by Chartered Accountants ANZ. Click here to RSVP for a spot.

    CA ANZ Accounting ConferenceAccounting Conference 2020 - Online

    Join us for this online conference to explore the challenges the finance function may face in the future. Discover the latest industry developments, tools, techniques and skills you need to advance your accounting career forward.

    S10: Agile approaches to project accounting, business partnering and value creation

    This session explores the implementation of project accounting methodology with a focus on how to deliver Scrum and Agile initiatives from a financial perspective. Hear about what it takes to deliver Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid projects with finance and the business in mind. Learn how to capture project implications into your reporting and to ensure that the accounting and project delivery teams understand each other's lingo. See practical examples of a project management dashboard and analytics tool that can empower finance with the foresight to deliver significant value to their customers and businesses.

    Dina Gofman CA; Co-Founder of Project Accounting Australia will share some insights into the world of Agile from a Business Finance Partnership point of view.

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